Unpublished Witchcraft Research Notes

This is a scanned selection of the print-based archive at Michigan State University, selected as the most relevant by Miller himself. The scanned portion comprises roughly 1,500 pages of the 12,000 page archive, and is composed of Miller’s research notes, analyses of witchcraft problems, case studies, missionary and police reports, court cases, government documents, district officer investigations, and Miller’s unpublished draft manuscripts.

The specific subjects reflected in the MacDonald-Miller correspondence also provide an overview of the topics covered in Miller’s research notes:

Bantu behavior
Christian/Christianity definition (of witchcraft)
economics evil
fear system history
moral panic politics
prehistory psychology
religion traditional medicine
violence education

Viewable here is the witchcraft archive, and an inventory of its contents, with unscanned folders marked in italics.

Related witchcraft material is also found in the Field Notes, Leadership, and Press databases.