Correspondence on Witchcraft

Norman Miller and Duncan MacDonald, MD, have exchanged letters, e-mails, and documents over the course of 30 years concerning the social and economic impact of witchcraft. These have been condensed into a four-volume collection below, some 600 pages of their correspondence.

Duncan MacDonald served as a physician in Zambia and Kenya, including a period as an emergency “Flying Doctor.” He later served as a provincial psychiatrist in Cornwall, UK. He has had a lifelong interest in witchcraft issues based on his years in Africa and discussions with Norman Miller.

Suggested search terms for the document that lead to a substantial amount of material regarding witchcraft:

Bantu behavior
Christian/Christianity definition (of witchcraft)
economics evil
fear system history
moral panic politics
prehistory psychology
religion traditional medicine
violence education

These are unpublished reflections, MacDonald’s deep thinking about the broad issues of witchcraft, not only in Africa but in the developing world. Further editing and distillation of the material is planned.