Wildlife Gallery

In Norman Miller’s African field work, he produced photos for use in research and teaching. The selection of photos below provides visual evidence of: game warden and game scout training (1); a classroom at Mweka Wildlife College, Tanzania (2); poaching snare and poacher’s blind in Tanzania (3, 4); issues of human animal encounters (5-9), animal rehabilitation (10), issues of game baiting at tourist lodges (11), difficulties of road signage and road construction (12-14), the need for special (rhino) protection camps and wildlife orphanages (15-17), the importance of wildlife research on such items as wildlife migration and, habitat destruction (18-21), as well as research on animal conflicts (22-24), and life cycle issues (death of a lion, Serengeti, Tanzania. 25-27) 

(Photo credits: David Keith Jones, UNEP, World Wildlife Fund, Kenya Information Service, Norman Miller, 1970-2005)

See credits for photos not owned by Miller here.