Wildlife Data and Reports

Wildlife, Wild Death

From 1981 to 2012, Miller had a special interest in wildlife management and natural resource conservation in East Africa. During this time, he wrote Wildlife, Wild Death (full text available at this link). The book, co-written with Rodger Yeager, examines the relationship between agricultural land use and wildlife protection in Kenya and Tanzania. An important earlier publication by Miller was the basis of the book and is available here: Wild Life, Wild Death – Kenya’s Man-Animal Equation.

Africa’s Conservation for Development

Miller and Yeager worked briefly in Kenya and at the Serengeti Research Station in Tanzania during the 1980’s, publishing reports and managing projects to conserve wildlife and other natural resources in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The work included an African fellowship program that involved students and researchers in conservation efforts. This culminated in the writing of Africa’s Conservation for Development, a collection of papers generated by the program over the years.  Support for these projects came from the Ford Foundation and from the UN Environment Programme.   

Conservation for Development in Botswana, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan

In the 1990’s, Miller and Yeager led a conservation fellowship program funded by the United States Agency for International Development. Participants were from Botswana, Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan. Collectively, they produced a number of papers on conservation and development, which were gathered into a collection that can be read here.

Wildlife Archive at Michigan State University

The Miller physical archive at Michigan State University contains several boxes of additional material on wildlife, and particularly wildlife management. Miller’s teaching files for the Dartmouth Dept. of Environmental Studies are included. For more detailed information on the MSU wildlife collection, see the wildlife section of the Brief Guide to the Miller Collection