Further Resources on Wildlife

The wildlife and natural resources focus of Miller’s career centered on the policy and management issues of east African national parks, the politics of conservation, and issues of poaching, human encroachment, and ecological management. His teaching of courses in environmental studies at Dartmouth College also focused on international wildlife issues. Resources in the physical archive at Michigan State University (which may eventually be digitized) include wildlife press clippings, copies of Swara magazine (a publication of the East Africa Wild Life Society), conservation documents from East Africa and Zimbabwe, and wildlife bibliographical collections.

For an introduction to the economics of wildlife, see:

  • Prescott-Allen, R., & Prescott-Allen, C. (1982). What’s wildlife worth?: Economic contributions of wild plants and animals to developing countries. London: International Institute for Environment and Development.

For further study of wildlife policy, see the works of Esmond Bradley Martin, Daniel Stiles, and Lucy Vigne. See also publications on ivory poaching and illegal trade in wildlife by Care for the Wild International. For example:

  • Martin, E., & Stiles, D. (2005). The ivory markets of Europe: A survey in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Kingsfold, West Sussex: Care for the Wild International.

For teachers, the wildlife photo galleries provide materials focused on wildlife management, national parks, poaching, and economics.

See the Miller print archives at Michigan State University and the Smithsonian Institution for more material on this topic. See also the Brief Guide to the Norman Miller Archive.