Wildlife & Conservation Introduction

Lions at rest, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Wildlife Management – Data and Reports

Cover of "Wild Life, Wild Death"
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During his postings in East Africa, Miller spent time researching wildlife conservation, environment, and natural resource issues. With Rodger Yeager, he published a book on wildlife management and land use — Wildlife, Wild Death — as well as an in-depth Fieldstaff report on Kenya’s wildlife policy. The Miller physical archive at Michigan State University holds material not digitized on this website, including early issues of Swara magazine on East African wildlife.

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Africas Conservation for Development
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A Ford Foundation project in natural research conservation lead by Miller and Yeager allowed fourteen East African authors to complete a volume dealing with a number of conversation issues. The countries of focus were Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The volume dealt with issues of Biological Diversity, Policy Analysis, Research and Training Recommendations.

An African Fellowship program titled “Conservation for Development in Botswana Kenya, Somalia, Sudan,” supported eight senior graduate fellows to write on conservation issues in their home countries. Issues included Land Management, Women in Forestry, Inland Fishing and Agriculture, Industrial Waste Disposal, and Environmental Education. The majority of the authors went on to senior positions in their countries environmental programs.

Wildlife Management Photo Gallery

Miller and Yeager believed some of the most pressing issues facing East African wildlife management include the training of wardens and game scouts and poaching, ecological and wildlife population research, road construction, and the prevention of savannah damage. ¬†Above, a small gallery of selected images from Miller’s collection attempt to showcase these issues.