Practitioner’s Guide

Practitioners include those working in national and local governments, education, and health, as well as police training academies, institutes of public administration, agricultural training centers, traditional healing associations, and missionary groups. Non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups on the grassroots level will also find this information useful.

For practitioners, these portions of the archive may be of particular use:

  1. For those working in and alongside African governments, particularly in the regions of Tabora, Rungwe, and Kisarawe in Tanzania, the Miller field notes and leadership survey provides historic case-level information.
  2. For activists working against witchcraft violence in Africa, the Witchcraft in the Press database contains summaries of cases from 1960-present which can be used as evidence to educate the public.
  3. For practitioners working on health issues in Africa, the global health and traditional medicine section and its accompanying photo galleries may be helpful in understanding the cultural context in which rural medicine has developed.
  4. For wildlife managers and nonprofits concerned with wildlife and conservation see the section on wildlife and conservation and associated photo galleries.

See the teaching and research pages for other content that may be of interest.The bottom of the home page contains an organizational chart giving an overview of this website.

This section of the archive is still under development. We look forward to comments from practitioners on how it can be improved for their use.