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Kenya: The Quest for Prosperity

Cover of Kenya, The Quest for Prosperity
The first edition cover.

Miller traced Kenya’s entrepreneurial patterns and political development (among other social issues) from early precolonial times to the mid 1980’s. Below is a link to a full PDF of the text.

Political Articles

In the 1960s and 1970s, Miller published a trio of articles that analyzed the political problems of transition from colonialism to independence.

The Rural African Political Party: Political Participation in Tanzania

In “The Rural African Political Party,” Miller examined how decentralized party leadership, and information isolation bred potential abuse of power, and political disinterest in Tanzania.

The Political Survival of Traditional Leadership

Miller’s “The Political Survival of Traditional Leadership” examines the evolution of the role of the traditional leader–the village chief or headman–in a nation with a newly centralized government.

Political Mobility and the Pedestrian Society

Miller’s “Political Mobility and the Pedestrian Society” attempts to establish the basic characteristics of a “Pedestrian Society:” rural communities that are specially and socially isolated from a central goverment.

Local Election Case Study, Rungwe District

Norman Miller and Bismarck Mwansawu studied the parliamentary election of 1965 from the perspective of a remote Tanzania district. Below is their published report. Rungwe District is prominent in the database above and in the leadership survey.