Fieldstaff Reports 1969-1985

Between 1969 and 1985 Miller served concurrently as a correspondent in East Africa for the American Universities Field Staff (AUFS) and as a part-time faculty member at Dartmouth College. The Fieldstaff assignments involved reporting from the field on social, economic, and political issues, and thereafter national lecture tours of the 12 member universities of AUFS (Dartmouth, Brown, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Hawaii, Tulane, Alabama and others).
Selected from the 30 that were written, the reports below (sorted by topic) reflect in-depth reporting of on-the-ground realities of the time in East Africa, with the exception of one report on health in China that emerged from Miller’s trip there as a faculty member of Dartmouth Medical School. 








The following Field Staff Reports are available as PDF files by clicking the titles.

Politics & Government

Witchcraft & Human Rights

Health & Traditional Medicine

Wildlife & Environment

Cultures in Transition