Politics and Government Introduction

(Above) Political party leaders outside the first Tanganyika African National Union office.

Urambo, Western Tanzania (1964)

African politics and government were Miller’s key concern for the first 10 years of his professional work (1960-1970). His book “Kenya: The Quest for Prosperity” (1984) and many of his American Universities Field Staff Reports––brief publications on topical issues in Africa and around the world––were used in universities and on his national lecture circuits. The material available here is useful in courses dealing with politics in Africa, political history, local government, and related topics. Additionally, the Witchcraft section represents substantial supplemental information.

Early Field Note Database

A searchable collection of East African field notes collected by Miller in three districts of Tanzania in the years 1964-1966.

Tanzania Rural Leadership Survey

Two comparative surveys: one in 1965, asking questions of 431 villagers in leadership roles in three different regions of Tanzania on their economic status, social views, and political knowledge, and the second in 2005, asking the same questions of some of the same individuals.

Government Texts and Articles

A collection of Miller’s publications, including his book, “Kenya: The Quest for Prosperity,” and articles that cover East Africa’s transition to full independence in the 1960s-1970s.

Fieldstaff Reports

In-depth reports of on-the-ground realities in East Africa from 1969-1985, sponsored by the American Universities Field Staff.

Government Photo Gallery

In Norman Miller’s African field work, he produced photos for use in research and teaching. This gallery contains examples of important figures, buildings, and processes of East African government.

Further Resources

A collection of resources in the form of bibliographies of Miller’s and his colleague Rodger Yeager’s works.