Art in East Africa

Art in East Africa, Cover

Between 1969 and 1974 Judith Miller researched and wrote a guide to contemporary art in East Africa  (Frederick Muller, London and Nairobi, 1975).

Within the text, it is described as:

“The first comprehensive guide of East African art brought to life the works of exceptional contemporary African Artists.”

“East African art was little known outside of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and even within those countries, communications about art were rare. Judith Miller’s book served a unique function in weaving together the many disparate elements of art in East Africa.”

“Artists, galleries, museums, societies, schools, and competitions are described and given brief historical backgrounds. For the art devotee, the student, or the visitor to East Africa, this book will provide interesting reading and a comprehensive guide to individual artists and art institutions.”

The 1975 edition contained the following biography:

“Judith Miller has lived and worked in East Africa for nearly six years. She has been a teacher, writer, film-maker, and long-time specialist on East Africa Affairs. The author brings some unique qualifications to the task of writing on East African Art. For several years, she worked as an editor and writer at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, developing background materials to accompany a wide array of exhibitions. One of her earliest assignments was the first US exhibition of modern stone sculpture from central Africa…”