Photo Acknowledgements

All photos that do not belong to the Norman Miller collection are credited here.

Government Gallery:
Kenya Information Service: Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi
Uganda Information Service: Idi Amin
Reuters: Alice Lakwena
Malawi Information Service: Alice Lenshina
Unknown Photographer: Mirambo

Witchcraft Practice Gallery:
Kenya Information Service: Destroying witchcraft paraphernalia
Tanzania Standard: Witchcraft intimidation
Hutton-Deutsch Collection/Corbis Images HU055559: Witchcraft for protests

Witchcraft Art Gallery:
Peter Mulindwa: “Owl Drums Death,”
British Museum, AF/A44/137-139: Wall paintings from Nyantakara chief Hans Cory: Depictions of witches in western Tanzania
Hezbon Edward Owiti : Black and white Images of witchcraft in modern East African art
Sylvester Mubuyi: Skeletal Baboon, Ancestor Figure
Jesper Kirknaes: Mkonde photo scans
Unknown Uganda Artist: Colored Image of witchcraft in modern East African art.

Health Gallery:
Daily Nation in Nairobi Kenya: Market with herbal remedies.
J. Gus Liebenow: Traditional healer’s kit.
Charles Good Jr.: Training workshops

Wildlife Gallery:
World Wildlife Fund: Poacher’s traps, Cheetahs on car, Lions in front of bus
David Keith Jones: Man encounters leopard, leopard in tree, Elephant blocking road
UNEP: Tourists viewing animals
Kenya Information Service: Poacher’s blind