The Norman Miller Archive website is the culmination of several years’ work by a number of talented people. Key individuals in the final design and construction of this website include Franny Eanet, Dennis Grady, Andrew Beaubien, Nathan Gardner, Bonnie Fladung, and Allison MacCormick.

In East Africa, Simeon Mesaki, Richard Sambiaga, James Shiroya Okete, Esmond Martin, and Phillip Ransley supported the research over the years. Rodger Yeager, Charles Good, Jr., Eugene De Benko, Duncan MacDonald, and Amy Miller Eberhardt contributed materials as co-authors and colleagues. Additional thanks to Marcia P. Keller, who served as administrator for the American Universities Field Staff film project.

A number of institutions and individuals have generously assisted in compiling the Norman Miller Archive. In addition to Michigan State University, where the bulk of the physical collection is housed, the Smithsonian Institution, Boston University, and Dartmouth College have accepted elements of the collection. Additional institutional support was provided by Documentary Educational Resources in Boston, the University of Dar es Salaam, and the University of Nairobi. The East African Standard (Kenya) and more recently the Daily Nation (Kenya) kindly provided press reports over the years.

We would also like to thank the Dartmouth Digital Commons, where the majority of the articles, images, and publications on this website are now archived. We admire their mission to preserve open public access to academic knowledge, and are proud to cooperate with them toward that goal.

Individuals who contributed to the final preparation of this collection include Jessica Achberger, Peter Limb, Lydia Tang, and Shawn Nicholson at Michigan State University, Beth Restrick at Boston University, and Pam Wintle at the Smithsonian Institution. Interns for the African Caribbean Institute were Alex Rouviere, Katrina Wheelan, Sarah McCormick, Leslie McNamara, Madeline Lyons, and Marcus Helble. Individual photo credits are given here.

Norman Miller