About the Archive

The Norman Miller Archive contains extensive materials in the academic fields of East African studies, African development, political history, visual anthropology, wildlife conservation, and public health. Most prominently, nearly forty percent of the collection is comprised of material on witchcraft violence and its social impact.

These materials are in the form of publications, field notes, maps, reports, photos, films, essays, and suggested course materials particularly on local politics, natural resources, witchcraft, traditional medicine, and HIV/AIDS.

In addition to the resources made available on this website, twenty-seven boxes of Miller’s work are held at Michigan State University and the Smithsonian Institution. A Guide to the Norman Miller Archive serves as the overarching map to the entire physical collection. In short, the collection consists of:

  • Over 500 pages of field notes
  • 3 searchable databases
  • 1800 photographs
  • 28 original films
  • 110 published books and manuscripts
  • Selected rare books and documents.

The materials at MSU can be referenced at the following locations:

Overview: MSU-Miller Library Guide

Full Catalogue: Norman Nees Miller Papers

Materials at the Smithsonian can be referenced here:

Search Results: Faces of Change films